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Drug Development 101 Workshop Series

Workshop 2: Business Decisions Made in Product Development

2 pm – 5 pm, Oct. 29th, 2016

Room 435, Curry Student Center, NEU

360 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115

Purpose: To understand why incorporating the business aspects in concept or research and discovery will de-risk the product development process for a successful commercial product.

Presented by

Chinese-American BioMedical Association (CABA)

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Biopharmaceutical Analysis Training Laboratory & Biotechnology Programs of NEU

Who Should Attend?

This workshop series is designed for biomedical professionals who want to learn patent law, technology transfer, licensing and regulatory strategies, specifically for those:

  • Working in a company who would like to understand why certain business decisions are made in product development or

  • Aspiring to start their own company


  • Workshop 1: Interface of FDA Regulatory Framework & Patent Law

  • Workshop 2: Business Decisions Made in Product Development

  • Workshop 3: How to Commercialize Technologies

For information about CABA and upcoming events, please check CABA Web site: www.cabaweb.org. 


Regina Au, MBA
BioMarketing Insight , Principal
Regina Au is Principal, New Product Planning/Strategic Commercial Consultant at BioMarketing Insight with 20+ years experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic and healthcare industries. She helps companies to maximize the benefits of their technology by conducting the business due diligence early in product development to de-risk the process, save time and money, and increase commercial success. She will translate the due diligence into a target product profile (TPP) or commercial profile plus value proposition in helping to obtain funding or executive management support. Ms. Au then develops marketing strategies to ensure product adoption and market access. Ms. Au also serves as an advisor for the Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center Platform Meetings and she is a member of the Editorial Board for the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapy. Her expertise is in numerous therapeutic areas such as cardiology, interventional cardiology, infectious disease, immunology, surgery, gastroenterology, pulmonology and oncology. Prior to BioMarketing Insight she worked for companies such as Merck & Co., Genzyme Corp., NMT Medical, and Radi Medical (St. Jude Medical) in various positions of increasing responsibility in marketing and sales.

Date Time

2016-10-29 14:00 - Start

2016-10-29 17:00 - End

  • 360 Huntington Ave , BOSTON  MA  02115


Type Sales End Price Quantity

Current CABA Members

2016-10-29 17:00 $75

Professionals, self-paying

2016-10-29 17:00 $100

Professional, company reimbursement

2016-10-29 17:00 $150

NEU Students

2016-10-29 17:00 $0

Sponsors & other Students

2016-10-29 17:00 $75

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